Bottle 165 3D Model – Premium Template Free Download

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Bottle 165 3D Model – Premium Template Free Download

About the Model

Explore the exquisite details of our premium Bottle 165 3D Model, now available for free download. Perfect for a variety of projects, this meticulously crafted 3D template captures the essence of a 1-liter tall bottle, featuring a unique design reminiscent of both paper and cardboard materials.

Key Features

  • Realistic Design: The Bottle 165 3D Model boasts a realistic and high-quality design, ensuring a lifelike representation in your projects.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, including product visualizations, animations, and more.
  • File Compatibility: Available in FBX and OBJ formats, providing flexibility for different 3D modeling and rendering software.
  • Multiple Tags: Tagged under ‘Bottle,’ ‘Bottle 1 lt,’ ‘Tall Bottle,’ ‘Paper Bottle,’ and ‘Cardboard Bottle’ for easy categorization and search.


1. Is this 3D model compatible with my software?
Yes, the Bottle 165 3D Model is available in both FBX and OBJ formats, making it compatible with a wide range of 3D modeling and rendering software.
2. Can I use this model for commercial projects?
Absolutely! Feel free to use this 3D model for both personal and commercial projects without any restrictions.
3. Are there any usage limitations?
No, there are no limitations on the usage of this model. Once downloaded, you have the freedom to integrate it into your projects as you see fit.
4. How do I credit the author?
While attribution is appreciated, it is not mandatory. You are free to use the model without providing credit, but acknowledgment is always a kind gesture.

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Enhance your projects with the remarkable Bottle 165 3D Model. Click the download button now to bring a touch of realism to your 3D creations!

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